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          Returning to the field of nursing after 17 years as a full-time homemaker and mother of four, I was saddened and appalled to begin to notice the lack of health so much accepted by so many. My kids were raised on Shaklee nutrients, and our home and laundry were cleaned with Shaklee's environmentally friendly products. I didn't know any better, and we were always busy and healthy. The pediatrician would ask me why my kids were never sick like his. I told him about Shaklee, but never really cared if he heard me. Now I wish I had.

        In my jobs as primary care nurse in a nursing home, a Pediatric office nurse, and then as a home care nurse, trainer, and case manager with technology dependent pediatric cases, I've realized our medical professionals need help. We all need to take responsibility for our health.   Our doctors don't make or keep us well.  Our lifestyles, our diets, and our attitudes do....and I might add,  our willingess to read and learn about Nutrition and exercise.  

      Added to my list of responsibilites and concerns in the fall of 2004 was my dear mother, 75 years old...post stroke.  We moved her and all her belongings into our home, to help her have a quality of life as a hemiplegic and with all the challenges that brings.  With the help of Shaklee nutrition, and their air and water purification , we decreased her routine medications, and improved her immune response.  In the course of her first 6-8 years with us, she had only 3 upper respiratory challenges....of short duration..like maybe 3 days....that was it!  Since she had been a smoker for 50 years prior to the stroke, with frequent illness, we and her doctor were overjoyed that she remained so well day to day, had a great appetitie for the good food we prepared, could be active, traveled with us and remained mobile, walking with our assistance and the help of a cane.  She seemed to have a postitive attitude, and was cooperative.   I would contend that all of these lifestyle benefits seemed to stem from her great nutritional and immune status.
       My belief that God created a world of beauty and harmony, giving us all we need for life and healing, and created us to care for the earth and ourselves, leads to my joy in Dr. Shaklee's philosophy--in Harmony with nature, not to hurt any living cell.  I trust the scientific expertise and the reverence for life on this earth that has been helping people since Dr. Shaklee formulated "Vitalized Minerals" in 1915, and Basic H in 1960. I believe he was truly ahead of his time.    I challenge you to learn more about this amazing company, and try our amazing products.  They are 100% guaranteed!!

       Your children and perhaps your parents and other loved ones need for you to help them navigate these uncharted waters. Our ignorance and the changes in our food over the years have begun to effect our bodies at a cellular level. Chronic disease and disability are a challenge to a medical profession that increasingly seeks to medicate rather than find causation and cure, and seemingly doesn't seek to understand the consequences of their confusion for our children.  (I'm thinking about ADD, Autism, Asthma, Allergies, and the ever growing number of children with rare cancers.) 

       We need to learn all we can, for ourselves, our families, our friends, and yes, maybe even for our doctors. It's really simple to begin with the basics. Clean up your home... the indoor air, your water, your diet, and start supplementing with whole food, organic supplements, with NO ADDITIVES or PRESERVATIVES. They are safe, and effective.

                                       "A year from now you'll wish you started today."